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Jeremy Rouse

Jeremy Rouse ACS, a renowned Director of Photography, has garnered a series of prestigious awards for his outstanding work in the field.

Notably, in 2021, he received the Gold Award in Advertising from the Australian Cinematographers Society for 'Hyundai, Little Angels' and 'Abbotts Now You Know'. His remarkable talent was further acknowledged in 2019, when he won the Golden Tripod in Short Films for 'Armour'. His excellence extends to features as well, with the 2018 Gold Award from the Australian Cinematographers Society for 'Burden'. Rouse's exceptional work in advertising was acknowledged with Gold Awards in 2017 for 'Principal Finance' and 'Airforce, What is Up?'.

Jeremy is represented by CAA in the United States, Cameron’s in Australia, and CosmicTalent in Europe.

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