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Jan Gleie

Jan Gleie is an award-winning director renowned for his visually striking films and still photography. Hailing from Denmark, he is considered one of the country's greatest creative exports, thanks to his exceptional ability to capture reality with layers of emotion. His talent has made him highly sought-after in the advertising and branding industry.

Jan's impressive portfolio spans across Europe, the U.S., and Asia, and includes collaborations with renowned clients such as Hermès, Vivienne Westwood, LVMH, Laura Biagiotti, Mark Tan, Hugo Boss, Mercedes, VW, The Independent, Selfridges, Target, Adidas, Converse, Mods Hair, Boots, MasterCard, Canon, Zalando, and many more.

His work is a true visual experience, showcased across various formats, including broadcast, print, social media, and internet syndication. Jan excels in producing branding commissions that seamlessly translate across multiple platforms.

With an extensive list of awards, Jan Gleie has been recognized for his outstanding campaigns at prestigious events such as AWNY, Golden Aurora, Eurobest, London International, The True Awards, Creative Circle, Mobius, Cresta, Arnold, The Art Director's Club, and Cannes Lions.


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