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Founded in 2011, Iconoclast is an international commercial production company with a presence in the US, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, and Brazil. Renowned for their exceptional and genuinely creative talent roster, including Alaska, Mathhew Frost, Gustav Johansson, Megaforce, and more, Iconoclast takes pride in representing the best in the industry.

With a firm grasp of the essentials, Iconoclast excels in assembling top-notch teams and directors, enabling them to produce unforgettable campaigns. Their global reach has allowed them to work on diverse projects for prestigious clients across various sectors, including luxury, automotive, sports, and more. From Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent to Cartier, Chrysler, and Adidas, Iconoclast's portfolio boasts an impressive list of clients such as Nike, Diesel, Coca Cola, and Apple, among many others.

Driven by a commitment to constant growth and innovation, Iconoclast consistently pursues their primary goal of collaborating with the industry's greatest talent. Through their dedication to producing top-quality work that pushes boundaries, they continue to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

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