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Ian Abela

Ian was born in Beirut but arrived in France at a young age.

From an early age, Ian showed a passion for photography and began experimenting with it. Even during his school days, he would stage his classmates and immerse himself in the world of photo films.

Ian's unique visuals caught the attention of the fashion and cosmetics industry, propelling him into the spotlight as a talented photographer. His artistic prowess extended beyond photography, and he ventured into the art world, showcasing his work globally. His client roster includes prestigious brands such as VERSACE, WESTON, SWAROVSKI, UNGARO, BOURJOIS, UNE, and BIOTHERM.

Notably, Ian's creativity extended beyond the capture of images, as he became an early adopter of intervention and manipulation techniques before the digital era. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process and remains the sole creative force behind his creations.

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