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Hungry Man

Hungry Man is home to an accomplished and award winning group of directors and production executives. The company has consistently been voted one of the top commercial production companies globally since its inception in 1997, has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, and is the first production company to be ranked in the top ten for ten consecutive years. Hungry Man was awarded the production business’ highest accolade, the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Advertising Festival in 2004. Our clients are diverse and include Verizon, Apple, Amazon, Google, American Express, Mercedes, Hulu, and BMW to note only a few.

Hungry Man founders are directors Hank Perlman and Bryan Buckley. The two first collaborated on the “This Is Sportscenter” campaign for ESPN, which is still one of the most award-winning campaigns in advertising history. Today, Perlman and Buckley are two of the company’s 30 directors, whilst Mino Jarjoura is managing partner in the US, Matt Buels is managing partner in the UK and Alex Mehedff is managing partner in Brazil. Hungry Man has offices in New York, LA, London, and Rio.

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  • NY: +1-212-625-5600

  • LA: +1-310-264-3000

  • LN: +44-20-7239-4550

  • Brazil: 55 21 2538 3070


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