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Guldägget (Golden Egg) Awards

The Gold Egg Award (Guldägget) is Sweden’s oldest and largest communication competition. It started in 1961 and has since then grown and become an ever wider competition that now covers most of what can be called communication. The award explores the value of creativity in branded communication: from packaging design and digital development to the creative strategy, execution and impact, celebrating new ideas shaping the next wave of creativity.

General Eligibility/Rules:

The Gold Egg Award (Guldägget) organised by The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer, KOMM).

The competition is only for Swedish agencies, foreign agencies can’t participate in Guldägget.


  1. Activation,

  2. Advertising,

  3. Audio

  4. Digital, Effects,

  5. Packaging Design,

  6. Craft,

  7. Identity

  8. Design

  9. Integrated,

  10. Innovation,

  11. Shorter films,

  12. Longer films,

  13. PR, and

  14. Outdoor

Tentatively Scheduled: December - January

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*


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