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Grant Walker

Based in UK

VFX Supervisor at Important Looking Pirates, Grant began his journey in visual effects back in 2006 when he joined The Mill. In 2009, he moved to MPC before finding his place at Framestore in 2010.

Within Framestore, Grant took on the role of a Senior Technical Director, specializing in creature asset build. He played a pivotal role in some of the studio's most VFX Supervisor at Important Looking Pirates, Grant , the creation of orcs in Coca-Cola Siege, the VES- and BAFTA-nominated Black Mirror episode "Playtest," and the terrifying Shoggoth in HBO's "Lovecraft Country."

After a brief nine-month stint in the film industry, where he contributed to the creature designs for the Wachowskis' "Jupiter Ascending," Grant returned to the advertising domain. Here, he made his mark by creating Sheldon the Snail for Freesat, a remarkable achievement that earned him his first of many VES nominations. His talent and expertise continued to shine, leading him to take on the role of Senior CG Art Director in 2015. In this capacity, Grant led the design of characters and environments for London's Integrated Advertising CG work.

As his career continued to evolve, Grant assumed the responsibility of VFX Supervisor for Sainsbury's heartwarming tale, "Mog's Christmas Calamity." Now, as the Joint Head of CG, he actively contributes to a multitude of projects within Framestore's Advertising division. His primary focus remains on upholding the highest standards of creature and character design, ensuring that each endeavor delivers outstanding visual effects and memorable characters.

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