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Garima Arora

Founder/Executive Producer of Entourage Films.

Garima began as an assistant in every department at Genesis and later at 30 Seconds of Fame, where she worked her way up to heading the department.

For five years, she learned the ins and outs of the industry, from casting to costumes to set dressing, before deciding to become a full-time producer and launching her own production company called 'Entourage Films.'

The name 'Entourage' reflects Garima's leadership style, as she always has a team of at least five people around her waiting for instructions. As the Alpha Female at Entourage, Garima runs a tight ship, skilfully balancing budgets, creatives, clients, and the occasional paratha.

She boasts a rich clientele that includes some of the biggest brands like H&M, Netflix, ITC, Taj, Amazon, Airbnb, Godrej, Swiggy, Britannia and Skinn by Titan among countless others.

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