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Felipe Martínez U.

Based in Mexico City, Mexico

Felipe is Colourist and Workflow Designer, originally from Colombia. He is currently living in Mexico.

Felipe, the founder and lead colourist at WeMakeColor, boasts an extensive and diverse portfolio that spans commercials, documentaries, award-winning short films, features, and music videos for renowned artists. With over eleven years of experience, Felipe has honed a distinct style characterised by deep colours and striking textures, fearlessly pushing the boundaries to match the story's essence.

His collaborations with esteemed clients such as arteTV, movistar+, Amazon Studios, The New York Times, New York Public Media, and Remezcla have further solidified his reputation as a skilled colourist. Notably, Felipe's graded works have been selected for prestigious international festivals, including SITGES, SSIFF, FICM, Tribeca, Austin Film Festival, and many more.

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