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Eric K. Yue

Based in New York

Eric is a multi-disciplinary artist & filmmaker who has lensed a variety of traditional narrative films, time-based and screen-based projects.

Eric K. Yue, an exciting and talented young director and visual artist, has emerged as a shining star in American cinematography. Growing up in Flushing and graduating from NYU Tisch, his artistic vision and mastery of chiaroscuro add a rich and atmospheric dimension to films.

One of his notable contributions as a cinematographer is to David Raboy's enigmatic and emotionally charged horror debut, "The Giant," now available on digital platforms. His exceptional work also extends to other projects, including Raboy's "Beach Week" (2015) and Daniel Chew and Micaela Durand's "Negative Two" (2019).

Beyond his cinematography endeavors, Eric has showcased his talent as a director through various creative outlets. He has directed captivating shorts like "Monday Monday," as well as engaging commercials and dazzling music videos for esteemed artists such as Kelela, Ratking, and Okay Kaya. Eric's innovative approach and unique visual style have garnered attention and admiration, marking him as a promising force in the world of filmmaking and visual storytelling.

Represented by WME in the USA

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