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Emma Le Doyen

Based in Paris

Emma Le Doyen is a Paris-based photographer and film director. Her creative work draws inspiration from popular culture, everyday objects, outdated items, backstages, and musical movies. She explores various mediums including documentary, fashion photography, films, and drawings.

Emma holds a diploma in applied arts from Duperré art school in Paris and has a background in graphic design. She co-edited a fanzine called Mire, which features a collection of photography, artist drawings, collage, and writing.

In her career, Emma has collaborated with notable brands such as Dior, Lancel, Lanvin, Carhartt, and Lancaster. She has also directed music videos for international artists like Cassius, Swim Deep, and Para One.

Emma's work extends to editorial projects with publications such as M Le Monde, Hunter, SZ Magazine, and Hearts.

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