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Elsa Rakotoson

Based in Paris

Founder, CEO of FRENZY Paris, FRENZY Picture & HIRVI. Prior to Frenzy, Elsa Rakotoson worked for the fashion industry and photography magazines in Paris and London early in her career. Passionate about cinema and music, she joined the audiovisual production and advertising world, through the ranks within Bandits.

Elsa founded her own production company FRENZY Paris in 2009. FRENZY Paris aims to develop a global and cross-disciplinary approach in the service of the different French and international actors of communication, brands and record labels.

Frenzy represents and develops a roster of multidisciplinary talents, directors, photographers, art directors and digital natives from all over the world whose creative talents express themselves in the fields of comedy, visual narrative, beauty, luxury, mix media, and music video. Talent scouts, creatives and production company at once, Frenzy’s upper and foremost goal is to develop and create compelling ideas into inventive and visionary projects.

In 2009, Elsa Rakotoson is both one of the few female producers and the youngest founder of an independent production company in the French market. In 2019, she is one of the major French figures in the advertising production world. As such, she is regularly contacted for giving talks or being member of jury sessions at events & festivals in the advertising industry.

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