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Elliot Newman

Based in United Kingdom

Elliot Newman is a highly accomplished Visual Effects Supervisor with nearly 20 years of experience, currently holding the position at MPC (Moving Picture Company). In his role, he takes charge of overseeing the visual effects produced by MPC on various projects. This responsibility entails working closely with filmmakers to ensure their creative vision is realized and collaborating with the MPC team handling the VFX to meet the visual objectives and timely delivery of shots.

Notably, Elliot's exceptional talent and contributions have earned him recognition in the industry. He received a prestigious nomination for the Best Visual Effects Academy Award for his remarkable work on "The Lion King" (2019). Throughout his tenure at MPC, Elliot has held diverse positions, ranging from an artist to lead roles, Head of Department (HOD), CG Supervisor, and VFX Supervisor, showcasing his expertise across various aspects of visual effects production.

Currently, Elliot is immersed in an exciting new venture within MPC Episodic, further solidifying his reputation as a visionary and innovative Visual Effects Supervisor. With his wealth of experience and dedication to delivering top-notch visuals, Elliot continues to be a driving force in the world of visual effects, consistently exceeding expectations and raising the bar for excellence in the field.

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