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Ellie Johnson

Ellie Johnson embarked on her professional journey as an editor at Speade, receiving invaluable guidance from renowned talents Sam Sneade and Leo Scott. During her tenure, Ellie fostered connections with esteemed Directors like Sam Pilling, Joe Connor, and Emil Nava, establishing herself as an immensely creative and highly sought-after editor. In early 2018, Ellie joined the acclaimed edit house, tenthree, where she continues to craft captivating narratives in the form of memorable commercials and music videos. For Ellie, filmmaking holds significant importance as a catalyst for change, allowing for greater representation of diverse cultures in the public eye and paving the way for gender equality in the workplace. As long as Ellie remains engaged in projects that challenge gender stereotypes and societal taboos, contributing to these causes, she finds fulfillment as an editor.

She has worked with brands like Oatly, KFC, McDonald's and Uber Eats. She is also the editor behind multiple awards-winning projects like Coca-Cola 'Masterpiece' and Department for Education 'Every Lesson Shapes a Life'.

Ellie is represented by Tenthree and Cartel.

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