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Elina Kechicheva

Based in Paris

Elina Kechicheva, born on the shores of a small Bulgarian town, has maintained a profound affinity for nature throughout her life. Despite having resided in Paris for 25 years, her Slavic heritage continues to shape her photography, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and emotions.

Elina first gained recognition at The Hyeres festival, catching the attention of industry veterans Patrick Remi and Michel Mallard. This pivotal moment led to collaborations with esteemed publications such as Vogue, Numero, SSAW, and others, establishing her as a highly esteemed photographer within the fashion industry.

Unapologetically embracing a vibrant and poetic aesthetic, Elina's captivating imagery has been exhibited globally, while her artistic prowess has attracted collaborations with renowned fashion houses like Dior Couture.

Currently, Elina is focused on her upcoming exhibition, which explores the theme of a post-pandemic return to nature, emphasizing the elemental beauty and aesthetic qualities found within it.

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