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Digiday Awards

The Digiday Awards is the industry’s annual recognition of the companies, campaigns and creatives modernizing media and marketing. Over the years, these awards have honored industry-leading work from Edelman, VICE, HP and more.

General Eligibility/Rules:

To be eligible to apply, the case studies must be relevant to the given eligibility period.


  1. Best E-Commerce Strategy

  2. Best In-Game Advertising Strategy

  3. Best Metaverse Gaming Activation

  4. Best Partnership Best use of AI

  5. Best Audio Campaign

  6. Best Branding Campaign B2B

  7. Best Branding Campaign B2C

  8. Best Experiential Campaign

  9. Best Metaverse Marketing Campaign

  10. Best Multi-Platform Campaign

  11. Best Organic Marketing Campaign

  12. Best PR Campaign

  13. Best Product Launch Campaign

  14. Best Search Campaign

  15. Best Use of Influencer Marketing

  16. Best use of Video

  17. Leader of the Year

  18. Most Innovative Publisher

  19. Most Innovative Technology Platform

  20. Most Innovative Agency

  21. Most Innovative Brand

Tentative Schedule: March onwards

Fee(s): $499 and $729

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*


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