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Bruno Maillard

Based in Paris

Bruno Maillard has over thirty years of experience in all aspects of visual effects. He studied Graphics Arts for four years at Sornas School and Gobelins Paris.

His career began in 1983 as the first Parisian digital graphic designer, working on Paintbox Quantel in collaboration with two of the first French post-production companies: "Computer Video Film" and "Mikros Image." In 1986, he created his own Design Studio, "Pandore," and for nine years, he worked for French TV channels as a Director, Creative Director, and Graphic Digital Designer. During this time, he also discovered and learned about new graphic computers used in the digital effects field, such as Quantel computers.

In the early 1990s, he was one of the first Flame Artists in France, recognized for his technical skill and artistic approach on commercials and movies.

He has collaborated as a VFX Supervisor, Creative Director, and Flame Artist with the best French post-production companies, including La Maison, Medialab, Mikros Image, Fix Studio, Digital District, Mac Guff, and more. Additionally, he has worked with multi award-winning filmmakers such as Bruno Aveillan, Frédéric Planchon, Lionel Mougin, Johnny Green, Reynald Gresset, Laurent Chanez, Anthony Atanasio, Olivier Dahan, Romain Gavras, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Roland Joffé, Steve Barron, Christophe Gans, Gerard Pirés, Pascal Chaumeil, Alain Berliner, Jean Paul Goude, Christian Volckman, and recently, the contemporary artist Adel Abdessemed.

Bruno Maillard is one of the true innovators in the digital domain, with a keen ability to create high-definition special effects for both cinema and advertising.

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