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Benjamin Loeb

Based in Canada

Benjamin Loeb, a talented cinematographer of Norwegian and Canadian descent, currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. In 2011, he successfully completed his Bachelor's degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, where he received a comprehensive education focusing on artistic and conceptual development, greatly influencing his approach to cinema.

Following graduation, Benjamin delved into the industry, swiftly earning recognition for his work in shooting commercials, music videos, and narrative projects across various locations worldwide. Over the years, he has resided in cities such as Oslo, New York, and Reykjavik.

In 2016, Benjamin's exceptional cinematography graced the feature film 'Hello Destroyer,' which premiered at the esteemed Toronto International Film Festival. The film garnered acclaim and was named one of the best Canadian films of the decade by the Toronto Film Scene.

Benjamin is also a member of the Norwegian Cinematographers Association.

Represented by WME in North America

Represented by LUX Artists in Europe and worldwide



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