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Based in New Delhi

Auraa Talents is one of the leading talent management agencies in India. Since its founding in 2008, Auraa Talents has earned its prestigious standing by providing full-spectrum model and artist management. At Auraa, the employees have an holistic approach, determined to connect the most extraordinary talents from around the world to their clients and individual brands. Initially, their sheer focus laid on managing international models but lately they have started extending their professionalism to the Indian models too. A dedicated team of highly experienced professionals have enabled Auraa to sustain its success and dominate the fashion world spanning for over a decade. Next in line comes, authenticity. The world of fashion, however glitzy, also has a stigma attached to its functioning. Auraa tirelessly toils to ensure 100% authenticity of work and a fair-trade.

Auraa's Vision is: We aim to meet the fast paced innovations within the digital industry to provide a collective hub for influencers to grow their brand, and create aspirational and original content for prestigious brands. While we act strategically, working with like-minded brands we look forward to growth and singularity with an eye for specificity.

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