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Arjun Menon

Arjun Menon, the founder of Art Leaves A Mark, is a commercial travel and advertising automotive photographer. He has delivered a TEDx talk and participated in Sir Robert Swan's International Expedition to Antarctica.

Arjun is a contributing photographer for Conde Nast Traveller India and serves as a brand ambassador for several companies, including Sony Alpha, Profoto, Gitzo, and Manfrotto.

Among his works are 'The Extraordinary Indian Army' and 'India: Change The Perception,' both of which have gained international recognition.

Arjun's personal projects have been featured on various platforms, including Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, Reddit (front page), National Geographic, and NDTV. He has undertaken numerous commissioned projects across the globe, from Canada, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina to Alaska and Antarctica. Currently based in Mumbai, India, Arjun continues to expand his impressive portfolio.


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