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Antoinette Beatson

Based in Paris

Antoinette Beatson is Vice President and ECD at BETC Paris.

A British citizen, Antoinette studied graphic arts in Milan before starting her career in advertising in France. She was hired at the inception of BETC as an art director. She then left the advertising industry to become a screenwriter and a film director. For more than ten years she directed short films and documentaries. She later made her return to BETC as a copywriter, then creative director, and later executive creative director.

At BETC, Antoinette leads a team of international creative talents on global accounts such as Disneyland Paris, La Roche-Posay, Danone, H&M, Bel. She is also highly committed to the cause of gender equality and supervises multiple campaigns for the French government by the agency on this topic.


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