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Andy Wilkoff

Currently the CG Lead and Technical Director at a52, a creative visual effects studio based in Santa Monica, California. Andy has always been fascinated with technology and comic books since he was a child. Luckily, these passions have led him to a fulfilling career in the visual effects industry. His journey began with his first VFX opportunities on TV series like Star Trek: Voyager and Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles.

After that, Andy joined Digital Domain, where he worked on various commercials and movies, including well-known titles like X-Men, I, Robot, The Day After Tomorrow, and Stealth.

Some of Andy's remarkable works include projects like Nike's inspiring "You Can't Stop Us," IKEA's charming "Our Little World," and Reebok's dynamic "Free Range." Through his expertise and dedication, Andy Wilkoff continues to contribute to the success of outstanding visual effects productions at a52.

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