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Andrew Clark

Based in the USA

Andrew Clark is a production designer based in USA. In 2000, Andrew embarked on a journey of skill development through hands-on experience, dividing his time between music tours and recording sessions while pursuing his passion for a music career. As his love for music and songwriting evolved, so did his aptitude for film composition and storytelling. This seamless transition led him to work globally with some of the most acclaimed commercial directors in the industry.

Andrew's creative brilliance in production design has graced numerous high-end commercials for renowned brands such as HENNESSY, PLAYSTATION, and POWERADE. His exceptional work earned him several prestigious awards, including the esteemed Gold Lion for Production Design at Cannes in 2016 and 2018. Over the years, he has become Daniel Wolfe's trusted production designer, mastering the art of constructing worlds that perfectly complement diverse narratives.

His standout qualities include versatility and a distinct ability to create immersive and heightened realities, making him an invaluable asset to both short-form and feature-film projects. In 2021, he showcased his talent in the Netflix film "WINDFALL," directed by Charlie McDowell, followed by the well-crafted "MONICA," directed by Andrea Pallaoro, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was later released in the US by IFC Films.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Andrew continues to thrive in his creative journey, passionately contributing to both commercials and film with his exceptional production design skills.



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