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Andre Arevalo

Based in the US

Andre Arevalo started his career in the VFX industry as a Junior Flame Artist at Crush. With hard work and skill, he became a Senior Flame Artist and spent two years perfecting his craft before going freelance.

His talent caught the attention of big studios, and he joined MPC for six years and then The Mill before joining a52.

At a52, Andre is a Visual Effects Supervisor. He oversees projects from the beginning to the end. This includes coming up with creative ideas before shooting, supervising on-set with directors and agency teams, and making sure everything goes smoothly for post-production. He also manages a team of artists and works closely with clients to achieve the project's creative goals.

Throughout his career, Andre has worked with famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and Tinder, showing off his skills in the world of visual effects. His exceptional work has made him a respected and in-demand professional in the industry.

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