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Ana Escorse

Based in Brazil

Ana, the lead colourist at Studio Feather in Toronto, brings a unique and vibrant perspective to her work. Hailing from Brazil, Ana's innate sense of colour was influenced by her early fascination with Brazilian Baroque art, setting the foundation for her artistic journey.

Her thoughtful approach to colour grading and vividly honest style have garnered recognition from filmmakers and creatives across the industry.

The collaborations she has been part of have received acclaim from prestigious platforms such as the Young Directors Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, NOWNESS, and the Berlin Commercial Awards. And, it's worth mentioning that we are also among those impressed by her exceptional talent.

Beyond her creative accomplishments, Ana is also a proud ambassador of the 'Made In Her Image' movement, dedicated to empowering and uplifting the next generation of women in the industry. Her passion for both her craft and fostering diversity and inclusion make her an inspiring figure in the world of colour grading.

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