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Adore Artists

Based in Mumbai

Adore Models is one of the most well-known and diverse talent management agencies in Mumbai. They specialise in helping talented individuals in the entertainment industry achieve success. Their main goal is to assist Indian millennials in their aspirations to work as actors or models in the high-street brand industry or on the cover of magazines like Vogue. They believe that with the right exposure and patience, they can work together to create a plan to help our clients reach their goals.

They offer services such as traditional model pitching, talent management, PR, social media, and merchandising. Their agency represents and manages the careers of models, actors, photographers, hair and makeup artists. They have a team of experts with years of experience and they help their clients get work in films, web shows, TV commercials, print ads, runway shows, live shows, and public gigs. They value individuality and provide their clients with masterclasses, workshops, and other resources to help them improve their skills and better understand their craft. They recognize the unique assets of each model/actor and work together to target the right brands, sectors, and labels for them.

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