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Vikas Vasudevan

After completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film & Television in London, Vikas kickstarted his career as a cinematographer.

With a genuine love for films and a keen focus on craft, comedy, and storytelling, he has shot over 200 commercials as a new cinematographer.

He is a keen observer of people and their quirks, adept at simple storytelling, and skilled at working with actors to extract performances and bring nuances alive.

Vikas has collaborated with esteemed brands and renowned production houses for his commercial work. Some of his notable ads include Reebok, Cred 'Tap and Pay,' Asian Paints 'Greenhouse,' VI 'Train,' Colgate, Cadbury Fuse, Ola, Asics, Bumble, Coca-Cola 'Band,' Swiggy 'Audible,' Boost, Fastrack, Royal Stag, Cred, Zepto 'Restaurant,' 'Clinic' Airport, CEAT campaigns, and many more.

Apart from commercials, Vikas has also written, directed, and shot a music video, 'Yellow Paper Daisy' for the When Chai Met Toast band and has shot an episode for the series 'Modern Love Chennai'.

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