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Vijay Simha

Based in Delhi

Creative Head - Team KIA at INNOCEAN Worldwide.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, Vijay has held several high-level positions such as Exec CD at Cheil India, Vice President & Senior Creative Director at JWT and Creative Director at Bates CHI&Partners.

He brings a total of 24 years of work experience to the table, making him one of the top ad creators in various fields like Direct, ATL, Digital, and Content Marketing. He has worked as a reformed account executive, experienced creative director, accidental entrepreneur, passionate automotive, and motorsport writer, and undaunted stock market analyst. Vishal is known for being comfortable in different roles.

He is proud of various accomplishments, including starting, India's first Formula One racing portal 15 years ago, and writing columns on automotive and F1 racing for Indian Auto, AutoCar and Car India. He conceptualized and led the creation of WeProfit, a fintech app for retail investors & traders, and the Good Vibes app, which is the first ever two-way communication tool for the deafblind. The Good Vibes app won a Cannes Innovation Lion.


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