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Tom Mangham's fascination with colour grading stemmed from the realisation of its power to infuse visuals with life and elicit profound emotional responses.

With a remarkable craft and visionary approach, Tom has garnered a rapidly growing reputation and a dedicated following, collaborating closely with esteemed directors like Sam Pilling, Luke Davies, Remi Laudat, Tash Tung, and Shaun James Grant. His unwavering passion, boundless creativity, and meticulous precision have led him to produce iconic imagery, exemplified in projects like Sam Pilling's DJ Shadow FT De La Soul's 'Rocket Fuel.'

As a result of his exceptional talents, Tom has risen to become one of the most sought-after artists in the industry, earning prestigious awards such as Best New Colourist at Kinsale Sharks and Best Colour at the 2020 UK Music Video Awards.

Among brands and projects he has worked with/on are Harry Styles 'Music For a Sushi Restaurant', Oppo, Montblanc (starring Cillian Murphy), Adidas x Kawasaki, Instacart 'Your Mom's Short Ribs', Vogue 'Unlimited Beauty' and Volkswagen 'Keep Growing'.

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