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The Shorty Awards (Social Media)

The Shorty Awards is an international awards competition honoring the best work by brands, agencies, nonprofits, and individuals across digital and social platforms. The Shorty Awards was founded in 2008 as the first award show to honor social media. Powered by Twitter users, the who’s who of the social web were voted on and honored in real-time via hashtags. Since then, the Shorty Awards has matured with the social media industry, honoring the work of brands, agencies, influencers, creators and other social media professionals.



  1. Campaign;

  2. Content & Media;

  3. Design; Industry;

  4. Influencer & Celebrity Partnership;

  5. Overall Presence;

  6. Single Platform;

  7. Strategy & Engagement;

  8. Podcast,

  9. Video


Entries must have first appeared in public during the eligibility period to be eligible to enter the Annual Shorty Awards. Spec work is not eligible unless otherwise noted in the category description.


  • A work can extend over a longer period of time than in the previous year in relation to the submission deadline. It just has to still be elements of the work that have been active/"live" during the last calendar year or up to the submission deadline

  • A job can consist of a single or several elements/activities. As the Danish Digital Award is an award that supports a collective effort over time, longer-term works consisting of several elements/activities will be weighted higher than a single campaign

  • A job must be either commissioned by a company domiciled in Denmark or carried out by an agency/production company domiciled in Denmark

  • - It will be the company and its business partners or the credited individuals who take home a main category award. It is they and not the campaign that wins.

  • A work can be submitted in several categories. It is recommended to do this, as the special prizes are selected by the jury group leaders and the jury chairman, i.a. based on the number of nominations

Entry Period: December - February


Early Entry: $399

Non-Profit: $299

Regular Entry: $499

Non-Profit: $399

Late Entry: $699

Non-Profit: $599

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