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Maddys (The Advertising Club Madras)

Founded in 1977

The Advertising Club Madras, is one of the oldest clubs in India with over 62 years of legacy. The club has been promoted by stalwarts of yesteryears, who were committed professionals and had the larger picture of providing a platform for practising advertising professionals to meet and exchange ideas for the betterment of the industry.

In keeping with the current trends of the economy, Advertising industry has also evolved to meet the current challenges. The club organises regular Gyan Series, of speaker meet, where some of the top notch professionals from across the country share their experience and learnings for the benefit of our Club members. The Sports meet conducted by the club is a sought afterevent for members to showcase their talents. The PGDAM course in its 25th year is an industry recognised certification course, which aims to equip the participants including working advertising professionals and students desirous of a career in Advertising with the latest in the industry.

Since 1977, Advertising Club Madras is recognising the industry work through its Maddys & Advertising Award.


1. Print

2. TV

3. Radio

4. Digital

5. Design

6. OOH

7. Unpublished & Integrated Campaigns

8. Film Craft

9. Best Production House

10. Media Awards

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

Rules and Regulations/Criteria


  • JPEG format or PDF

  • The supported file size is between 750KB to 2 MB

  • Image Size needs to be at least 1024×576 and the text has to be completely readable

  • For language entries, please submit the entries in the original language in which they were created, along with a translation in English in a Word Document

  • In the case of out of home, please send pictures of the actual installation, in addition to the creative in JPEG format

  • Brochures, Flyers, In-clinic Posters, Visual Aids, LBLs and Gimmick Detailers have to be submitted in the finished form in JPEG format as 3D versions/ photographs along with a combined PDF of all individual pages, optimized for reading

  • If you are also submitting the physical samples of Brochures, Flyers, In-clinic Posters, Visual Aids, LBLs and Gimmick Detailers then mention the same clearly in the entry form and have the same delivered to the Advertising Club Address with a copy of the entry form showing all the details

  • A short animated video of the action/usage, if required, not exceeding 12 MB in MP4 format can also be submitted if required in case a physical copy is not being submitted


  • Formats supported are MP4

  • The file size should not exceed 100 MB

  • For language submissions, all entries must be submitted in the original language in which they were created, sub-titled in English

  • A short 15 - 30 second video clip in MP4 format of your creative work for the show reel


  • One digital file for each entry in MP3 format only. No other formats will be accepted

  • Language entries are to be submitted in the original language in which they were created along with the script in English on a Word document


  • Submit a case study with the objective, target audience, challenges overcome, creative solution and results as a video

  • Video Formats supported are MP4

  • The file should not exceed 3 minutes in duration and 100 MB in size

  • URL for any website/ social media handles/ UI and UX Design created to be included

  • A short 30 second video clip in MP4 format of your creative work for the show reel

1. All entries must have been published or displayed for the first time between 1 January and 31 December of the previous year in a mainline newspaper or magazine (INS member) of repute. In the case of TV/ Radio, It should be a member of IBF

2. Only one party may enter an advertisement and this should be agreed in advance between the parties concerned. In the event of two different entrants submitting the same entry, the agency or production house which produces a certificate of authorization signed by an authorized signatory of client will only be entertained.

3. The Pepper Creative Awards Trust has the right to verify the authenticity of such certificates and would act on its own violation.

4. All work submitted should conform to ASCI guidelines.

5. The entries submitted for all categories will be scrutinized for authenticity and the Pepper Creative Awards Trust has the right to reject any entries without any reason. Entry fee for rejected entries will not be refunded.

Tentative Submission Period


Entry Fees

Single Entry: INR 2,250/- + 18% GST

Campaign Entry: INR 2,250/- + 18% GST

Integrated & Best Production House: INR 8,500/- + 18% GST


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