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Golden Mikes Awards

Radio is considered to be an honour to the ears and every year these awards provide convincing evidence of the high emotional power, effectiveness and creative potential of audio.

e4m Golden Mikes acknowledges the stupendous radio campaigns & the magnificent work done in the radio advertising domain. The Golden Mikes offers Radio Stations, Brands and Agencies an opportunity to showcase the best of their work.


1. Effectiveness

2. Creativity

3. Promotions

4. Innovation

5. Broadcasters

6. Regional / Language Radio

7. Excellence

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • It is mandatory for all entrants to submit their Radio Spot or AV. The audio or AV should not be longer than 5 minutes and should be uploaded on Sound Cloud, YouTube or Google Drive. Please make sure the Sound Cloud, YouTube, Google Drive link submitted in the entry form is public.

  • A supporting document should be submitted in a PPT format mentioning the objectives, effectiveness, execution and the results achieved.

  • All entries must be submitted in the original language of the work. If the entries are not in English or Hindi, a transcript is mandatory.

  • There is no limit to the number of entries an organization can submit.

Tentative Submission Period

April - May

Entry Fees

  • Early Bird Deadline (cannot be applied to bulk discount): INR 11,000/- per entry

  • Regular Entries: INR 12,500/- per entry

  • RJ of the Year Entry Fee: INR 14,000/- per entry

  • Discount on Bulk Entries (Not applicable on early bird entries)

  • 5 - 20 Entries: 5% Discount

  • 21 - 50 Entries: 10% Discount

  • 50+ Entries: 15% Discount

+ taxes and 18% GST



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