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Foxglove Awards

Founded in 2015

Foxglove was established back in 2015 with a mission to recognise and reward agencies 12 years old or younger. Foxglove has always been about fresh content, engaging campaigns and creative ideas.

Apart from being focused on young agencies, Foxglove is unique in yet another way. It allows agencies to fight it out for National Awards or, if their ambitions are different, compete only for Regional Awards. (Smaller, single-city agencies may prefer this.)

The Awards are segmented into 9 super categories made up of 50 sub-categories.

Foxglove is one of India’s biggest advertising awards. More than 700 agencies and other entities have participated in it over the years.


1. Ambient Media

2. Brand Activation

3. Design

4. Digital

5. Influencer Marketing

6. Print

7. Content Marketing

8. Social Media

9. Video

10. Special Awards

11. Foxglove Agency of the Year

12. Foxglove Young Agency of the Year

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

*Participants will receive the points below for metals won. Only 'National' entries will be considered for these two Special Awards

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • Other than agencies, any entity – web publishers, content creators, design and production houses – can also apply as long as it is 12 years old or less.

  • Entries from freelancers and individuals will not be accepted.

  • All work submitted should have an approval from the client.

  • All the entries (other than English or Hindi) must be translated into English for a better understanding of the jury. In the case of video, subtitles must be used.

  • Entries submitted to the afaqs! Foxglove Awards should have been released tentatively between April and March the previous year.

Tentative Submission Period

July - August

Entry Fees

Regional Awards


Full Price - ₹ 8,000

Early Bird Price - ₹ 7,000


Full Price - ₹ 9,000

Early Bird Price - ₹ 8,000



Full Price - ₹ 10,500

Early Bird Price - ₹ 9,000


Full Price - ₹ 12,000

Early Bird Price - ₹ 10,500



Full Price - ₹ 13,000

Early Bird Price - ₹ 12,000


Full Price - ₹ 16,000

Early Bird Price - ₹ 14,000



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