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The Drum Advertising Awards

The Drum Awards is a global awards program which recoganizes best practice, the best companies and the best people from across the marketing and communications industry.


General Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for different categories and awards differ from each.


The Drum Awards caters to the following categories:


Creative campaigns from around the world

Modern Marketing

The latest marketing advice and insights

Agency Business

The home of agency advice


What’s next for the media business

Digital Transformation

Essential tech insights for marketers

Work and Wellbeing

Advice for fair, inclusive workplaces

Future of TV

Forecasts on the future of TV advertising

The Drum also has various awards under its head:- * Marketing - EMEA * Marketing - APAC * Marketing - Americas * Marketing - Metaverse * The Rose Awards * Experience * Social Media * Content * Social Purpose * Out of Home * Digital / Industries * Digital Advertising APAC * B2B * Agency Business * PR * Design * Search * Digital Advertising

These awards in each category are subdivided into various classifications.

Entry Schedule:

The Drum Calendar showcases list of awards throughout the year.

To read more -

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*

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