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The Danish Digital Awards

Dansk Markedsföring is behind this digital award. We will place greater focus on digital craftsmanship and pay tribute to the best companies. The purpose of the Danish Digital Award is to reward and highlight the most inspiring, effective and well-executed digital work that develops or supports a company's business activities.

The Danish Digital Award is then the light of day in March 2015. Organized by Dansk Markedsföring, which represents marketers who account for the colossal growth of work done within digital marketing, business development and communication.

The technological development, the emergence of an overwhelming number of digital channels and the rapid adoption by consumers of the many new platforms place in these years equally colossal demands on the ability of companies and agencies to not only become even sharper at digital work, but also to transform organizations and processes.

This development means that digital activities are constantly becoming an integral part of companies' business and are thus critical to their commercial success. It is thus no longer just the single, diital campaign that is decisive, but the sum of the companies' digital efforts over time that needs to be assessed and rewarded. Naturally with the aim of being able to inspire and educate the companies that the work on digital platforms should have a strategic perspective in order to achieve a lasting effect.

General Eligibility/Rules:

  • A work can extend over a longer period of time than in the previous year in relation to the submission deadline. It just has to still be elements of the work that have been active/"live" during the last calendar year or up to the submission deadline.

  • A job can consist of a single or several elements/activities. As the Danish Digital Award is an award that supports a collective effort over time, longer-term works consisting of several elements/activities will be weighted higher than a single campaign.

  • A job must be either commissioned by a company domiciled in Denmark or carried out by an agency/production company domiciled in Denmark.

  • It will be the company and its business partners or the credited individuals who take home a main category award. It is they and not the campaign that wins.

  • A work can be submitted in several categories. It is recommended to do this, as the special prizes are selected by the jury group leaders and the jury chairman, i.a. based on the number of nominations.


  1. Digital Activation by The Unicorn;

  2. Digital Value Proposition;

  3. Digital Design; System Platforms & Architecture;

  4. Customer Experience;

  5. Data Science;

  6. Marketing Automation by Nexus Ambition;

  7. The Greater Good;

  8. Public Sector & Government - CAMPAIGNS (Digital Campaigns);

  9. Public Sector & Government - Tech Development (Digital Solutions);

  10. Start-Up; Branded Content: Creative Campaigns;

  11. Branded Content: Relevant Over Time;

  12. Innovation; Commerce;

  13. The Big Idea; ROI;

  14. Digital Transformation;

  15. Creative Use of Technology

KEY DATES (2023)

14 December 2022

Opens for submissions

6 March 2023

Deadline for submissions

Submission closes at 23.59. The jury begins the online judging process.

12 May 2023

Show of the year The country's best digital marketing work is celebrated with a big show


Prices Price: DKK 1,995.00 + VAT per submission per category

A job is only set when payment has been received and the material has been uploaded.

Submission fee is non-refundable once an option is completed.

Submitted works that do not meet requirements for formats etc. will be excluded from the competition without further notice. Fee is not refundable.


Price: DKK 995.00 + VAT per submission per category

The two categories are category-independent, and thus float above the normal categories. So whether you have, for example, an ROI or a Branded Content case, you can put an extra lot in the pool and have your case assessed, where the focus is generally targeted at B2B or B2C. The categories can be chosen in addition to competing in the normal categories - just put a "tick" in the category when you choose your other categories. No special description is necessary.

It is a prerequisite that the case is also set in one or more of the normal categories.

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*


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