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The Creative Circle Awards

The Creative Circle (also known as The Advertising Creative Circle and The Advertising Creative Circle of Great Britain) is an educational awards body dedicated to creativity in British advertising, and the oldest advertising and marketing awards body in Europe.[1] Their mission is to help promote creative excellence in advertising, while sharing knowledge and experience through educational programs and supporting young creative people.[2] The annual Creative Circle awards are judged by the British advertising creative community. Their main offices are in Covent Garden, London.

General Eligibility/Rules

The Creative Circle celebrates British creativity.

  • All entries must have been created by either British Companies, British individuals or for British media during the eligibility period.

  • 10% of every entry fee is donated to the Creative Foundation charity to support diversity in UK Creative Departments

  • All categories accept all media formats for entries

  • All entries require a JPEG for the awards ceremony screens

  • All Creative Circle Talent Categories are free to enter

  • All categories accept both Single and Campaign Entries, unless noted otherwise

  • There is a 100 word description, that is optional on some categories and mandatory on others

  • Company Award results are established by the success across all other categories

  • Every creative in the UK is invited to register to be involved in the judging process



Film Craft,

Film Craft - VFX.CGI + Colour grading,

Film Craft - Animation,

Music Video,

Audio, Radio & Podcast,


Press & Outdoor,

Digital & Direct,

Design & Craft,

Craft, Photography, Illustration, Image Manip and CGI,




Media, PR & Social

Each category is further divided into various sub-categories and are judged as per the category requirements in specific.


Awards entries open: 1st December 2022 Awards

entries close: 31st January 2023 Awards

entries extension; 10th February 2023

First Round Online Judging starts: 15th February 2023

Second Round Online Judging starts: 6th March 2023

Live Gold Judging commences: April—May 2023

78th Awards ceremony, Dreamland: 13th July 2023

*Please note that the list provided is not comprehensive and may not include all relevant details about the event. For complete and up-to-date information, we encourage you to visit the official website*


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