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ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards

Founded in 2012

Founded in 2012-13, the ACEF PROGRAM is organised by a team of professionals from India, Srilanka and UAE, and is guided by the Advisory Members from Branding, Marketing and Creative Agencies based in India, US, Australia, Singapore, UAE and Srilanka. Their programmes are focused on Customer Engagement Activities, Branding, Marketing, CSR, Rural Marketing, Properties (Hospitality & Real Estate), HR and are planned for India, Srilanka, GCC Continent and Asia Pacific Regions.

Their goal is to help professionals discover what solutions my fellow change managers have found helpful. Stay on current methods and tools. Network with colleagues and solution providers. To help in learning new trends, best practices and case studies, to get a better picture of where the industry is headed. ACEF Forums will feature in-depth discussions into the increasingly important "engagement" aspect of connection. It is one thing to know the customer and yet another to know how to engage each one of them.


1. Mediums of Marketing

2. Podcast Categories

3. Grand Prix Awards

4. Individual Awards

5. Sales and Services

(each category is further divided into sub-categories)

Rules and Regulations/Criteria

  • Highlight any unique campaigns that resulted in improved customer engagement. This will also include campaigns started before the time frame but has to be ongoing in the given financial year.

  • Max 500 Words Write up(Covering Note to Justify Your Entry Which Should Include (Not Compulsory to be in the same pointers).

  • Concept, Media Strategy & Plan, Target Audience, Execution & Results if you can provide) to be uploaded on google drive along with relevant supportive.

  • Highlight new technology implementations/processes that improved customer engagement (if applicable).

  • Highlight any unique campaigns that resulted in improved customer engagement. Write up of not more than 2000 words (Concept, Implementation of Innovative Ideas and Key Achievements, Awards received (if any).

  • Campaigns/Activities executed from January 2022 onwards can be submitted as supportives (to be uploaded on google drive , links of videos (from YouTube) if any.

Tentative Submission Period

February - March


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