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Tanuj Tiku

Tanuj Tiku is an award-winning composer and music producer who has worked on hundreds of commercials, over 50 national as well as international feature films and many songs for some of the top filmmakers, composers and brands in India.

He has also been part of many award winning film scores like Kai Po Che!, Madras Cafe and Parched. His clientele includes brands like Maruti Suzuki, BBC, Disney and Hyundai among others.

The recipient of the prestigious 'Best Music' award at the 64th National Film Awards (2016) was Tanuj, for his work on the short film 'Leeches', directed by Payal Sethi. In addition to this honor, Tanuj also received the 'Best Production Music U.K' award (2016) for his track 'Cascade of Emotions', which was featured in advertising campaigns for the films The BFG and Woman in Gold.

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