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Suyash Barve

Based in Mumbai

Executive Creative Director at MANJA. Prior to this, Suyash served as Executive Creative Director at Creativeland Asia, where he spearheaded the creative direction for a variety of clients.

Before that, Suyash was a Group Creative Director at 22feet Tribal Worldwide, where he led the creative efforts for Mahindra Auto and its 12 brands, as well as VIP, L'oreal, Jio, Linkedin, and Bumble during his tenure at 22feet.

He and his team accomplished noteworthy work on Spotify and Netflix. On Spotify, they created innovative social campaigns that challenged the limits of what brands can achieve on social platforms. Their work with Netflix involved developing a relationship that quickly grew from a single film brief to the first-ever 360-brand campaign in just 18 months

Under his leadership, the agency won 6 Kyoorius Elephants and 2 Silver Effies, further solidifying Suyash's reputation as a leader in the industry.


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