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Sneha Iype

Based in Bangalore & Mumbai

Founder/Partner, Executive Producer and master juggler. Sneha is the backbone of Nirvana since 2001.

She commenced her career in 1997 as a film executive at Ogilvy, later transitioning to become a Director at Trends Ad-Film Makers.

In her role as Executive Producer, Sneha serves as the primary liaison between agencies, clients, and Nirvana Films, overseeing the execution of film projects. She manages budgeting, team delegation, and coordination across all stages of film production, including pre-production, filming, and post-production.

She believes in the ability and strength of her team and balances work ethics with productivity.

Sneha has been on the Film craft Jury panels of Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Young Spikes and the Ciclope Advertising Festival. She has also shared her ideas at Tedx India, including multiple forums and institutions.

Some of her notable work includes Hutch 'Boy Dog', Titan 'Joy of Gifting', Vodafone 'ZooZoo' ads, Cadbury 'Umbrella', Greenply 'Sardar Kid', Incredible India, West Bengal Tourism and Kerala Tourism campaigns.

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Her top ad picks include:


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