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Shu Hung

Based in LA

As an experienced creative director, editor and designer, Shu Hung has worked with global companies to create products and experiences that bridge business and culture. She is passionate about building diverse teams and ensuring that companies remain as connected as possible to the most important issues in the workplace. Shu worked on marketing and digital strategy for Nike Women and Nike Sportswear, was Global Creative Director at UNIQLO, and most recently led the creative team at Everlane. She is also the founder of Table of Contents, a physical and digital retail platform known for bringing avant-garde design to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

As a creative leader, Shu has spoken at many prestigious conferences, universities, and events, including the Garage Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow, in 2019, D-Ford, Ford Motor Company’s human-centred design and innovation group in 2020, and Stanford University Fashion X in 2022. Shu was also an executive sponsor and founding member of KIN, Everlane’s AAPI Employee Resource Group, in 2021 and 2022.

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