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Savita Singh

Savita Singh ISC is an accomplished cinematographer and filmmaker hailing from Mumbai, India. She holds a postgraduate degree in Motion Picture Cinematography (2008) from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India.

Savita has made a name for herself with her exceptional work in the film industry, having shot seven feature films, three OTT series (two in post-production) for Netflix and Amazon Prime, and several award-winning short films.

Savita's notable works include Kramasha, Phoonk, Ventilator, Hawaizaada, and the Netflix docu-series Murder in a Courtroom (Indian Predators Season 3). She has been honored with two National Film Awards for Best Cinematography, for Kramasha (2007) and Sonsi (2021), the highest film award presented by the President of India. Sonsi, which was shot by Savita, won the Best Film award in the Indian Competition at the Bangalore International Short Film Festival and was selected to enter the Oscar shorts in 2021.

Savita is a co-founder of the Indian Women Cinematographer’s Collective (IWCC) and was granted a lifetime membership of the Indian Society of Cinematographers in 2021. She is renowned for her ability to work with varying visual styles and formats, and identifies as both a cinematographer and a filmmaker. Savita has also worked on over 100 TV commercials, including campaigns for Navratan Oil, Motorola, and Flipkart.

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