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Saatyaki Shekharan

Founder/producer at Bombay Diaries, Saatyaki Shekharan is behind some of the most iconic and award-winning campaigns like "To Pee Or Not To Pee" and "Colours of Holi".

Saatyaki started as an athlete with a passion for photography. Initially, she managed production for several foreign directors and Shoojit Sircar from her base in Delhi. Later, she joined Reel Co. in Mumbai as a producer. She moved into production and worked for various directors before she decided to work for herself and establish an all-girl team by collaborating with like-minded women.

During this journey as an entrepreneur, she met Shruti. Together, they launched Next Generation Services, which eventually became Bombay Diaries, an all-girls team focused on promoting new talent.

She has also worked for brands like Pepsodent, HRX, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Nerolac, The Body Shop and ITC.

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