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Ryan Mckenna

Based in New York

Since joining in 2010 as the inaugural in-house editor at The Mill in New York, Ryan has been instrumental in establishing and evolving the editorial department. With a focus on traditional collaborative storytelling and a penchant for injecting humor into his edits, Ryan has become a specialist in his field.

Boasting close to two decades of industry experience, Ryan has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned directors on prestigious projects. Notable among his accomplishments are the Emmy-nominated title sequence for A&E's "Vikings" and the critically acclaimed and award-winning "Roshambo" series for Free People. These projects stand as testaments to Ryan's talent and the remarkable work he has contributed to throughout his career.

Among his clients are brands like Free People, Google, Budweiser, Microsoft Lancaster Paris, for which Ryan has created exceptional work with the expertise of his craft.

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