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Roman Vasyanov

Based in Moscow

Roman Sergeyevich Vasyanov, ASC, RGC, is an esteemed Russian cinematographer celebrated for his remarkable body of work. His close partnerships with director David Ayer have notably shaped his career.

Among his notable achievements is the Russian musical film "Stilyagi," which earned him a nomination for the prestigious Golden Eagle Award for Best Cinematography.

Roman's collaboration with David Ayer extended further with the World War II film "Fury" and the comic book adaptation "Suicide Squad," both of which showcased his exceptional cinematographic talents.

Recognized for his contributions to the field, Roman Vasyanov holds membership in both the Russian Guild of Cinematographers and the American Society of Cinematographers, becoming a part of the latter esteemed organization in 2022. His dedication to his craft and impactful collaborations have solidified his position as a revered figure in the world of cinematography.

In his commercial career, Roman has filmed over 300 commercials for brands like Hennessy, Audi, Nike, Reebok, Philips, Puma, Budweiser, Dell and Pepsi.

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