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Rogue Films

Based in London

For more than two decades, Rogue has established itself as a renowned production company, responsible for creating some of the most iconic global advertising campaigns. Their commitment goes beyond business success and numerous accolades. At the heart of Rogue is a unique and vibrant culture, fostered by a close-knit family of talented individuals known as Rogues. They take immense pride in preserving the artistry and craftsmanship that defines their work, while also maintaining a reputation for being exceptional collaborators.

Founded in 1998 by Charlie Crompton and David van der Gaag, Rogue expanded its leadership team in 2021 with the addition of partners Kate Taylor and James Howland. Their focus lies in discovering, nurturing, and supporting global talent to create distinctive and impactful work. Their esteemed roster of directors includes notable names such as Alex Boutell, Bethan Seller, Emily Maye, Charlie Watts, Joe Connor, Fern Beresford, Lisa Gunning, Mark Zibert, and Max Fisher, among others.

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