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Rhiannon Lewis

Based in the UK

Rhiannon Lewis is the Managing Partner and Executive Producer at THE GATE FILMS. In her role, she serves as a producer, overseeing the production of TV commercials and content across a wide range of rapidly evolving media platforms, including mobiles, IPTV, virals, and various forms of video in the digital landscape.

Rhiannon excels in managing accounts with both advertising agencies and direct clients, taking charge from pitch to project completion. She proactively explores new business opportunities and thrives as part of a talented team dedicated to driving brand objectives forward.

With a Bachelor's degree in TV Production, Rhiannon's passion for the industry was evident even during her studies. She seized every opportunity for work experience, securing placements with several production companies in Manchester and London. One of these experiences led her to her first job in television at Channel 4, working on the youth show T4, which aired on Sunday mornings. Returning to Manchester, she joined The Gate initially as a PA and has been a part of the company for over 20 years now.

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