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Rahul Pais

Since his youth, he was captivated by cinema and deeply moved by the musical compositions in film scores. Initially, Rahul explored his musical interests through singing and classical piano, later transitioning to guitar and bass.

Even before he reached the legal age to enter bars, Rahul Pais and his bass were performing gigs for various bands and collectives throughout the city.

In 2012, after experimenting with electronic music for a few years, Rahul's passion for film and music converged when he was approached to assist in producing the music for a short film. Following this experience, he and his former bandmate Nariman Khambata established The Jamroom.

He has worked with some of the most renowned production houses like LoudMouth Films, Crazy Few Films, Lensflare Films and Vanilla Films among others.

His clientele includes brands like Hyundai, Ajio, Cadbury, Ather, Vivo, NBA and Ola Electric to name just a few.

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