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Rafael Pavarotti

Based in Brazil

Rafael Pavarotti, a photographer, was born in Brazil in 1993. He began his photographic journey by collaborating with his friends, pooling their resources to purchase film and capturing images of their local surroundings, including beaches and abandoned buildings. At the age of 16, Pavarotti left his remote hometown with the aim of establishing a professional career in the urban centers of fashion and media.

The vibrant and rich color palette seen in Pavarotti's photographs is influenced by the vibrant sights of his upbringing. His work often combines vivid tones with bold compositional arrangements, showcasing fashion as a form of sculptural adornment. Pavarotti's collaborations with British-Gambian fashion editor Ibrahim Kamara have garnered significant attention and acclaim for their innovative and distinctive visual representations of fashion. Their work has gained prominence during a time marked by calls for racial justice and the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Notably, their collaborations contribute to the beautification and normalization of Black and indigenous bodies. Driven by a passion to address the imbalance of Black representation in fashion and historical narratives, Pavarotti strives to ensure equitable representation for under-represented populations.

He envisions his work as a contribution towards a more inclusive future, stating that his efforts are dedicated to the next generations and those yet to be born. Pavarotti's photography has been featured in renowned publications such as British Vogue, W Magazine, and Dior, reflecting the recognition and demand for his unique vision and artistic talent.

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