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Pumpkin Films

Based in Switzerland

Pumpkin Film, based in Switzerland, is a regarded production company known for its commitment to creativity and international collaboration. With a strong emphasis on delivering visually stunning content, Pumpkin Film has established itself as a trusted partner for clients seeking individual and captivating productions. Since their founding in 1998, Pumpkin Film has fostered close relationships with international partners specializing in sound, color, and style, enhancing their ability to create outstanding work. Their impressive roster of directors, which includes Adam Hashemi, Alain Gsponer, Alberto Colombo, Aleksander Bach, Alex Feil, Andrew Becker, Andrew Lang, Axel Laubscher, Martin Werner, among others, showcases their diverse talent pool.

Pumpkin Film has successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as SWICA, Credit Suisse, Coop, McDonald's, Migros, and IWC, solidifying their industry reputation. Choosing Pumpkin Film means embarking on a creative journey where exceptional storytelling and innovative production techniques are at the forefront.

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